In cooperation with the author Sophia Häberle, who lives in Berlin, the book Notizen, und selbst wenn ich nicht gut ziele und den Falschen erwische, es wird heilsam sein (Notes, and even if I don’t have a good aim and hit the wrong one, it will be beneficial) resulted from the exchange of our works. Proceeding from the short notes she had written on stage plays, we thought out a special mode for the book.

The first chapter, written by her, is a kaleidoscope of attitudes and observations from everyday life written in short narratives, each of which stands on its own. Our correspondence about the project is printed in the second chapter; this gives insights into the working methods and creation process, and makes the backgrounds of the texts understandable. Visual works were created for the third chapter; these seek their equivalents to Häberle’s texts not in symbolism but in a gesture.

The approach to the way to read the book differs from the norm: in order to obtain a comparison (including a metaphorical comparison) of the texts on the pages, you must first read the left-hand page on each double spread, and then read all right-hand pages. This leads to a natural, uncontrolled mixing of the three chapters (notes, exchange, gesture), and the book designs itself, since the gestures, pictures and explanations are combined with the texts on the double spreads.

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