A rising sun, arising sun, the rising sun is a nice sun.

In our discussion of the topic of Artificial Intelligence, we dealt in particular with the links that can be drawn between technical, social and economic developments. Proceeding from texts from the beginnings of cybernetics and contemporary positions, we began to link the topic to its implications for our generation and to us as designers.

On the basis of these considerations, and in dialog with each other, we drew up a speculative script composed of quotations, generic content and freely written passages, on a visual basis as well as on a text basis. This results in a multi-layered scenario in which voices ring from many different sources. Randomly generated, constructed and quoted contents cannot be distinguished from each other. The borderline between fact and fiction becomes blurred. What is left is a flickering effect, disorientation, which reflects our perception of reality under conditions of never-ending information overflow.

The body of the publication is enclosed in a paper by Martin Thoma on Creativity in Machine Learning, which offers a comprehensible overview of one area of research in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning.

Creativity in Machine Learning, Martin Thoma
Book format: 11.5×17.5cm, 168 pages

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