The room, separated by a glass wall, is brightly illuminated by the light of two projectors. A printer stands on a pedestal in the center. It continuously prints paper sheets with changing motifs, and the sheets then fall to the ground. One of the projectors beams changing forms onto a white background as well as individually appearing instructions, while the second one shows a computer interface overflowing with processing information.

The project Describe This deals with the long since effected introduction of algorithms in our everyday media consumption and their growing influence on the designer’s sphere of action, but also with the discrepancy between traditional, static approaches and the as yet untapped potential of algorithms in digital media design.

In order to create new approaches for the symbiosis between traditional graphic design and digital processing, an algorithm was developed and fed with different drafts specially conceived for this purpose in order to generate new results from them. A parametric font was also developed; this can adapt itself freely to the content through logical connections between the design elements. The font description language Metafont, which was developed by the well-known computer scientist Donald E. Knuth in 1979, was used for the font.

The collection of the designs generated by the algorithm creates space for association, while the projector images provide information on design and processing as well as theoretical research material. They illustrate the algorithmic process chain on the one hand through an abstract, simplified form which restricts itself to the most important information, and on the other hand by means of an information-rich, unstructured form which displays each process without any explanation. The direct, unfiltered results are materialized by the printer and presented to the viewer.

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