With our independent magazine for young art, KubaParis, we are focusing on the impressive #variety, #creativity, #quality, and #willingnesstoexperiment of the young art and culture scene, in which many new trends are emerging at the moment: a #generationchange is taking place.

Away from trends and success rates, the founders Saskia Hohengarten and Amelie gr. Darrelmann are offering an independent platform for creatives, and are making exciting artistic works, thoughts and debates accessible to a wider public. In each issue, the team cooperates closely with young authors, curators and artists in order to approach not only the works themselves but the people behind them.

KubaParis aims to reach inquisitive, enthusiastic readers who are interested in art and culture, people who have the courage to explore new avenues with us, to discover niches, to give free rein to the imagination and energy of young creativity, to support #independence and to #rethink old patterns.

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