With "Versatile Vagabond" Shanmei Yao wants to contribute to more responsible and rational travelling. It is a multifunctional clothing and bag set for a shorter trip without (and to avoid) checking in luggage. Storage space for lighter luggage, clothing and laundry is distributed across the body with multiple pockets. The garment offers various possible combinations and is seen as a modular and experimental system.
Lightness is a central theme in the choice of materials, ingredients and colors. Avoiding dead weight plays a major role. Moving weight costs energy. Energy should be saved. The luxury of being able to travel flexibly to distant destinations nowadays, and especially to fly, obviously has negative effects in that the environment is polluted and more CO2 is emitted.
Priorital starting point for the design process was the need for lighter travel. What do I need on my trip? What is really necessary? What can and do I want to wear? What function does the individual garment offer me? What combination options do I have?

Supervision: Prof. Mario Minale / Prof. Volker Albus