post.exp is an inter-medial experience, a thought experiment or a “digital dive”. If you dive, you will first ask a few questions, and some questions may even be answered. You could question your existence as a human being. Think about it, think about what might happen after that, imagine what happens with consciousness behind our limits of consciousness. Have you ever thought about Homo Sapiens as just another link in the evolutionary chain of intelligent beings? What would the earth look like when all resources eventually disappear and there is only one element that gives life to all beings: the oceans?

What happens if the oceans displace the whole country? And we, consisting of three quarters water, how long will we need to be able to carry on our lives below the surface? What could we take down with us then? Our virtual worlds, everything we have transformed from analog to digital, software, data streams... Will the physical form be reduced to the minimum required amount to keep our neural networks going? Reduced but funcitonal, like plankton or jellyfish, maybe even seaweed or these aliens we imagine as a bacterial invasion that could one day eradicate humans. In our new form, we may be much more in tune with nature and our environment than today, at a time of prime technology. Our range of perception may shift and broaden, making our current model incomprehensible. We might perceive the exchange of information with each other as abstract forms in image and sound, that cannot yet be interpreted. Would we now come into contact with our hyper-form? Everything you will believe in after this draught will be conjured from your own perspective and image. Every “dive” is unique.