Over a period of four weeks, Ulf Beck experimented with composting, using photographs from the daily press with compost worms. Based on the investigation of which headlines make it to the first page and their photographic representation, he deals with the afterlife of these images. For this, every day he cut out the illustrations of the front page of three large daily newspapers and put them in a grid on a basin with compost soil.

The photographic image is transferred as part of the media organism through the digestion of worms and various microorganisms into the earth organism, in around 15 days. The transformation process is no longer visible at the end. The image loses its form and becomes valuable humus, which can be regarded as an accumulation of millions of micro-images.

Susanne Kriemann, Armin Linke

2017, performative installation, variable size, mixed media (sound, newspapers, compost, compost worms, wood, pond liner, cardboard, LED etc.)