aspect-ratio 10x9 HfG publication platform 2G 12b

HfG publication platform 2G 12b, Photo: Hannah Cooke (© Hannah Cooke, HfG Karlsruhe)

This section provides an insight into the university’s various publication activities: annual reports, the university magazine Munitionsfabrik, Edition 76135 in cooperation with Spector Books, the book series Folge and HfG Forschung in cooperation with Wilhelm Fink Verlag, or the departments’ and professors’ individual publications projects.

Annual Reports

The annual report offers the wide specialist community an insight into the activities and development of the university. The review of the extensive volumes that boasts the dynamism as well as the successes of the school is condensed into a spectacular list of events, exhibitions, awards and scholarships. Annual reports

Information brochures

Information brochures of Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design. Information brochures

Munitionsfabrik – The university’s magazine

From university newspaper to art magazine to scientific publication: looking back at the history of Munitionsfabrik (“ammunition factory”) the university’s magazine has taken on a large variety of different publication types and formats. It was founded during winter semester 1997/98 by Adam Seide as a transdisciplinary platform for experimental design and publishing. Since 2004 Munitionsfabrik is edited and published by changing student groups. Munitionsfabrik – Die Hochschulzeitschrift

Edition 76135

The HfG book series Edition 76135 is a collaboration with publisher Spector Books. Edition 76135

Neue Folge

Neue Folge is a book series by HfG Karlsruhe with scientific, artistic, and analytical positions from with the university and its context. The book series has been published since 2008 in cooperation with Wilhelm Fink Verlag. The book design was developed by former HfG students Martin Borst, Sebastian Cremers, and Piero Glina. Neue Folge

HfG book series at cantz

Between 1994 and 2000 twelve volumes were published as part of a cooperation between HfG Karlsruhe and cantz-Verlag. The series includes contributions by former HfG faculty members, such as Heinrich Klotz, Peter Sloterdijk, Hans Belting, Dietmar Kamper, and many others. HfG book series at cantz

Reihe HfG Forschung

The publication series HfG Forschung focusses on essays and research papers from philosophy, media studies, cultural, and social sciences at HfG and the university’s context. Beyond purely academic contexts, the series treats contemporary questions and problems. The series is a forum for authors dedicated to a transdisciplinary, theoretically multilingual, and radically open concept of research. The series has been published by Wilhelm Fink Verlag since 2011. Reihe HfG Forschung


The CD/DVD edition Maßnahme was curated by Thomas Heise, film maker and former HfG professor for film. Maßnahme

Various publications

Various publications from HfG Karlsruhe. Various publications