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Pham Minh Duc, student of faculty Exhibition Design, Scenography and Curatorial Practice, exhibits his interactive installation We are on the verge of what it is and what it seems (Part I) during the 32nd edition of the performative art festival Diskurs 17.

The bedroom, understood as the most intimate and harbored space, got its present meaning during the late 19th century. Thus, it is a relatively modern invention of humanity playing with numerous contrasts and the balance in-between. It mediates between past and future, in the dilemma of shifting amidst similarity and individuality. While often being considered a space of birth, sex and death, the arts mostly focused on the bed as a pictorial object. But what would happen if we inverted the view from the bed into its environment? What is the relation between individual imagination and spatial reality?

Diskurs Festival
Performative art festival from Oct 11-15,
Institute for Applied Theatre Studies, Gießen

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