aspect-ratio 10x9 Frank-Thorsten Moll during an exhibition opening speech

Frank-Thorsten Moll during an exhibition opening speech (© Harald Ruppert, Südkurier)

In her projects, the artist and HfG Alumna Marleine Chedraoui investigates the art system, frequently in a conceptual manner. She sheds light on processes, functional modes and laws that usually remain unquestioned beneath the protection of the customary – that which is deemed to be normal. For this purpose, she invents situations and events that quote, repeat and thus ultimately deconstruct the procedures practised internationally throughout the art world. In her exhibition [ˈs ːvIs] Present • Perfect • Continuous at the IKOB, she makes use of what is probably the best-known event of the art scene: the exhibition opening. In two separate spaces of the IKOB, the artist stages the exhibition in one room and the opening speech in the adjoining room. In order to do more than simply hint at this aspect of shared communication, Chedraoui has invited several directors of other museums to come to the IKOB and actually give a speech at the aforementioned lectern – a speech entitled ‘The Opening’, which was collaged by the artist out of text fragments from Wikipedia after entering the search word ‘opening’.

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29.05.– 01.07.2018
IKOB – Museum of Contemporary Art Rotenberg 12b
4700 Eupen

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