Text (englisch):

Trees turned into bare bones. It was winter or it was THEM, giving each one a strange existence. Stick after stick is woven into a fragile structure, bridge. Tower, stake.
Harvesting black strings in invisible forests, they take their time.
They play
they dance
they repeat
they fail
they repeat
they dance
they play.
They take their time, hypnotizing electrified bugs with phantom limbs.
The ticking of clocks turn into rain. Eyes become ears, the forests appear.

Betreuung: Vadim Fishkin

Sound Performance
ACTS ACTS ACTS, 2017, LAF, Pforzheim (DE)
Material: Vibrationsmotoren, Stöcke, schwarze isolierte Kabel, Silberdraht
Dauer: ca. 50 min
Video: vimeo.com/strwueue/aufduennemeis

Text: Katharina Küster