Text (englisch):

The look of a laboratory, the sound of tiny animals: the performers as alchemists. Spider-like systems, interconnected and interdependent, playful relics of scientific experiments. Vessels contain chemical substances, vessels are part of your personal biology. Fully transparent on their surface, they pretend to make sense. Alchemy once told us that knowledge never comes without the unknown, the irrational: exoteric ≙ esoteric. Sucking, breathing, touching, seeing. The experiment never runs by itself. The magician is the scientist, inscribing her body into situations, sounds, and numbers. Interfering noises and actions, signals and elements are being transmitted and sent back in circular reasoning. An experimental orchestra as an orchestrated experiment.

Art's Birthday, 2018, E-Werk, Freiburg (DE)
Material: Zylinder Vase, Kabel, Kontaktmikrophon, Kontaktlautsprecher, PVC Schlauch, Silberdraht, florales Kabel, MDF Platte, DIY-Synthesizer, Wasser, Mixing-Konsole, PA Lautsprecher
Dauer: 15 min
Video: www.swr.de/swr2/hoerspiel-feature/strwueue

Text: Katharina Küster

Das Projekt wurde unterstützt von Paul Modler.