Text (englisch):

Once a little girl closes her eyes, she becomes invisible in her own reality. We can still see her, but she herself is no longer present. This is not as easy for adults, unfortunately.
For puppeteers, for example, it works the other way round. Pulling the strings from behind the scenes, their presence is palpable but invisible. In the vaulted cellar, stones and tin cans become surrogates of intentions and movements, and are turned into puppets of unknown characters. Small things, representing a notion of presence detached from those bodies behind the curtain. Hiding in ordinary tubes which open up slowly, the small things announce their act through distant rattling, jangling, panting. The small things celebrate their presence not only as a physical appearance but also as a dimension of time. An intangible moment vaguely situated between past and future. An eerie concert, a danse macabre.
Eventually, the small things withdraw, back into their safe space.
When the little girl reopens her eyes, it seems to her that nothing has changed.

Betreuung: Vadim Fishkin

HERTZ DELUXE, 2016, NRKV, Ravensburg (DE)
Material: Karton, Eisenkabel, Schnur, Vibrationsmotor, DC-Motor, Metall, Stein, Plastik, Polystyrol, Schraube, Nuss
Dauer: ca. 30 min
Sound: soundcloud.com/strwueue

Text: Katharina Küster