Die gestellte Antwort (The Posed Reply) is a video installation that deals with the conditions of art experience in current exhibitions. It consists of a 14-minute video, an abstract version of the Barcelona Bench by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, a screen that forms the floor of the installation and its spatial boundary, as well as loudspeakers, and a projector on free-standing tripods.

In the video, Carlo Siegfried develops abstract concepts of architectural spatial situations through the use of colored surfaces on the basis of multimedia guides and installation views from the internet sites of museums in Munich, Frankfurt, and Vienna. The colored surfaces initially cover the paintings in the exhibition views, then they shift and offer a clear view of the paintings, while the soundtrack gives a description of them.

In this way, the attention of the viewer is drawn to the language, content and intention of the text, but also to the relationship between the medially presented reception situation in the museum in question and the viewer’s own reception situation in the installation. It reflects the medial conditions and frameworks which the recipients encounter when they visit the exhibition and beforehand or afterwards in the internet. What is particularly important for Carlo Siegfried is how the aesthetic experience of works of art is influenced by the exhibiting institution itself and by companies acting on its behalf.

On account of the use of visual material from institutional websites, the installation also addresses the interference of the space of the museum with that of the internet and the perceptions that the institutions have of their own accessibility.

Supervised by: Prof. Andreas Müller, Prof. Anja Dorn, Prof. Sereina Rothenberger, Iris Drögekamp

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