WWWE is a 40min performative wrestling show in a public space. Two women stand in the centre, whose crew - a band and a moderator - try out wrestling with the audience, tackling the societal tabooing of angry women in the ring. Like in usual show fighting, the action sequences are partly improvised and enriched with show elements and storylines. Inspired by WWE pro-wrestling, spontaneity and improvisation play a decisive role: the narrative of the wrestling show is lined with various film elements, while the moderator reacts to the mood and demands of the public. Apart from documentary video material, scripted actions are shown so that context and associations can be created, that on the one hand negotiates the practice of wrestling as performative cultural technique and on the other, examines the role of the angry woman; also within the framework of the male-dominated, sexualised history of wrestling itself as well as in general everyday society. The target groups for the performative installation are random citizens who turn up, whose lives are temporarily interrupted by the intervention in a public space, as well as women and girls who were always taught to compensate for their anger and unfairness by showing self-control and grinding their teeth.

STORY: Violet Sahara and Miss Ballshot Chanel have fought till now, for equality: they went to yoga courses, practiced meditation, played sports regularly and took time off every year to go hiking and to relax together. The unpleasant physical consequences were countered with dental guards and neck massages. Friendliness and harmony would not only secure professional success, but it would also keep their social lives under control – nobody wanted to be angry. Because when a woman becomes angry, it cries out for hysteria, exaggeration, PMS, shaming, and rejection. Miss Ballshot Chanel had had enough being invited to work on projects together because of her constantly happy disposition, and Violet Sahara also didn’t want to smile sweetly anymore whenever her boss “accidentally” touched her. Enough! For both, something has to change. Purposefully they enter the ring to challenge the feeling of rising anger, to pay attention to it, to caress it and to spoil it. Violet Sahara and Miss Ballshot Chanel elevate women's anger to a new dominant culture and form the WWWE. There they go crazy, become loud, punch and free themselves from the structures of the social-normative imperative of the calm, balanced, always friendly, socially competent woman. For anger is not a male privilege and fighting certainly is not.


Stage: Leia Walz
Miss Ballshot Chanel: Helen Schröder
Violet Sahara: Filomena Krause
Moderation: Felina Levits
HiQ: Josefine Scheu
Leos: Jandra Böttger, Lena Reitschuster
Love Horoscope: Felina Levits, Jandra Böttger, Lena Reitschuster, Cécile Kobel
The solidary men: Janosch und Kamil
Live Camera: Jaya Demmer
Sound: Valle Döring
Video: Hanna Scherwinski
Stage: Leia Walz
Costume: Hanna Scherwinski
Concept: Hanna Scherwinski
Direction: Felina Levits, Filomena Krause, Helen Schröder, Lucie Schroeder, Hanna Scherwinski
Text: Mona Altmann, Jadra Böttger, Hanna Scherwinski
Dramaturgy: Lucie Schroeder
Choreography: Wrestlerin Nicky Foxley, Helen Schröder, Filomena Krause, Felina Levits
Producers: Love Horoscope Katharina Ortner, Philippe Mainz
Best Friends: Janina Capelle, Katharia Küster, Ines Könitz
Graphics: Cécile Kobel, Jana Hofmann
Photos: Michael Michael Rybakov, Klemens Czurda
Camera: Mustafa Emin Büyükcoskun, Finn Lorent Baygan
Catering: Lennart Krauss, Dominic und Lu
Sponsoring: Bulldog Gym Karlsruhe, Hfg Karksruhe, Kulturbüro Karlsruhe LBBW Bank

The Trailer:

September 26, 2019, 7pm

Live! WWWE. World Women Wrestling Entertainment Stephanplatz Karlsruhe

Supervision: Andreas Müller, Thomas Rustemeyer

Photo credits:
Michael Rybakov, Klemens Czurda

Graphics credits:
Jana Hoffmann