Presentation of projects or as an exhibition of objects. In the case of tours, the theoretical subjects often have the task of providing the discursive framework, supplying keywords, commenting on results.

This distinction between theory and practice is based on a separation of conceptual and executive work that seems outdated in times of lecture performance and artistic research and also overlooks the experience that theory has a formative side.

From the very beginning, the study program at the HfG Karlsruhe aims to cross the distinction between theory and practice and between subject boundaries. It requires finding one's way through a plethora of different requirements and statements whose coherence only emerges over time - like a chain of islands forming a mountain range below sea level. In the 20/21 tour, the Art Science & Media Philosophy Department is therefore participating with a comfort zone that takes up the enduring contradiction that the island of theory can be both a vanishing point of reflection and a place of productive unrest.

Curated by Edona Ibrahimi, Moritz Konrad, Jule Köpke, Livia Emma Lazzarini, Lea Nohr, Eva Scholl.