It was with great excitement that the Moving Image students embraced this opportunity to exhibit their works. One thing though was crystal clear right from the beginning: many of the projects on display here are still the embryos of works to come, resulting from the personal researches, doubts and interests of the students, some of whom have only very recently joined HfG. We chose to display them nonetheless, because these projects vividly portray that initial moment so rich in questions, doubts, choices and attempts: to define the narrative processes which will ensue. I would therefore like to underline the generosity that goes into the students’ availability to share projects before their completion – this brave decision to expose their fragilities and the elements which “won’t make it” to the final work is a great example of strength and engagement on their side. This is not an exhibition thus intended to be an invitation to an open debate on the ideas and doubts on display – it should not be mistaken as a curatorial project following a specific theme or theory. It was, we believe, a relevant opportunity to reflect upon multiple questions – but… This is not an exhibition.

João Tabarra, Professor for Media Art / Moving Image


Nino Alonso, Mustafa Emin Büyükcoskun, Nelly Corsten-Weckel, Annika Gutsche, Ira Konyukhova, Kerstin Möller, Laura Morcillo, João Tabarra, Rayna Teneva, Lukas Rehm, Tilmann Rödiger, Sophia Schiller, Christina Vinke

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