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The diploma film "Trial and Error" by HfG Alumna Marie Falke celebrates its premiere on 30 May, 2019 at the Documentary Film Festival dokKa in Karlsruhe. The winner of this year's Federal Prize for Art Students shows her documentary at 3pm in the Kinemathek.

"As you know, I have this job at the museum. I arrange your voice archive there. Every day I hear the conversations with the great filmmakers of the fifties and sixties who have led and recorded you all over the world. Above all, curiosity drives me to you, I would like to understand you. Basically, I just want to get to know you. "I understand. I also always wanted to understand everything."
This is how the first encounter between Marie Falke (born in 1991) and Gideon Bachmann (1927-2016) begins. She, the young film student, meets him, the aged film critic, author, photographer, filmmaker and broadcast commentator. She meets him in his apartment in Karlsruhe with the camera, sits with him in front of the memorabilia and talks to him about his family, his experiences, his life. She screens countless film and audio tapes, photographs, articles and letters. They share beautiful and sad moments, moments of helplessness, bitterness and fear.

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