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© Jana Hofmann, Karla Kniep

The exhibition is located in Reactor Hall R1, which used to hold Sweden’s first nuclear reactor. It is a collaboration between Royal Institute of Art (RIA) Stockholm and Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design (HfG).
Throughout the past two semesters, a group of students of HfG have researched the photo archive of the former Nuclear Research Center in Karlsruhe (KIT) within Susanne Kriemann's and Friederike Schäfer’s seminar Untitled (Archive). At RIA in Stockholm, a course called ISOTOP by Björn Larsson and Lina Selander was dealing with the history, context and political landscape of Swedish nuclear power, consisting of lectures, field studies and study trips.
Both seminars—held in different locations, yet parallel in their timeframes, as well as their political and ecological urgencies—developed methods for artists to work critically in dialogue with other knowledge forms, such as the humanities and natural sciences, but also in relation to historical material. It has created a space where important questions can be asked of art itself. A central question is what knowledge art creates and how this understanding relates to other knowledge forms. The works in the exhibition have found different approaches to the natural and cultural, yet hard to trace phenomenon of nuclear energy, which in its timeliness exceeds human imagination.


Mark Damian
Tobias Ehrhardt
Sara Ekholm Eriksson
Elina Eriksson
Astrid Eriksson
Caroline Gizella Joó
Vladyslav Kamenskyy
Iden Sungyoung Kim
Kajsa Kiuttu
Eliiška Kovacikova
Judith Milz
Tove Möller
Eli Mai Huang Nesse
Afrang Nordlöf Malekian
Nis Petersen
Natalia Schmidt
Cristian Quinteros Soto
Tora Wallander
Jonas Zilius
Sofia Zwahlen

Jana Hofmann
Karla Kniep

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